Documentary - Directing and Production - 2021

"The 50 Year History of Kaw Valley Bicycle Club" spans the years from 1971 to 2021. Period photos and interviews with past club leaders were used to put this story together.

It is very rare for an organization like this to survive for 50 years and there was a point when it almost didn't.

Writer / Producer / Director:

Editing / Narration:

Lynn Cress

Lynn Cress

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Lynn Cress

Carol Marshall

Jan Huston

Lynn Cress

Lynn Cress

Documentary - Directing and Production - 2010

Originally shot in Standard Definition, "A History of North Lyon County" is a collection of stories from Eastern Kansas, covering the time just prior to the Civil War and continuing through 1890.

Events surrounding the Bleeding Kansas era would shape the formation of early Breckenridge county in East Central Kansas. Eventually this lead to the formation of what we now know as Lyon County.

These stories are told through interviews with local historians and vintage photographs.

The trailer is a 4 minute cut down of the original 25 minute version that aired on Public TV KTWU.

See the full version here:


Lynn Cress

John Burns
McKinlaye Harkavy

Pam Foster
Tracy Matthews




Documentary - Directing and Production - 2017

"Mind the Gap" is a video produced as part of a Leadership project for Washburn University.

The goal was to address the decrease of Adult Learner enrollment in higher education, evaluate the factors that have led to this decline and identify areas that can be cost effectively and practically addressed.

Stake holders included the University President, the Board of Regents and the Office of Enrollment Management.



Lynn Cress

Lynn Cress

Lost Creek Productions

Documentary Production