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Lost Creek Productions

About: Lynn Cress
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I have over 30 years of experience in television production and broadcast television where I have worked as an on air director, special projects writer and video producer.  

I am also a documentary filmmaker and have produced films through my own production company, Lost Creek Productions.  I have covered subjects from Colorado history to a recent film on Kansas History, “A History of North Lyon County”

This production aired on PBS station KTWU and portrays events along the Santa Fe Trail during the Bleeding Kansas era just prior to the Civil War.

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At Z-Axis Corporation in Denver, I worked as a producer on such high profile cases as the Timothy McVeigh Trial and the Minnesota Tobacco cases where I designed graphics and animations for the courtroom.  

I have directed artists and producers in creating video productions to teach complex subjects such as physics and chemistry to judge and jury.  Our clients were global and I would work directly with legal counsel to design understandable graphics approaches used to present highly technical information.

While at Flint Hills Technical College, I wrote curriculum to teach video production and computer animation.  I also produced and shot promotional videos for the college.  I am  an experienced classroom teacher and have maintained lab environments for both multimedia and IT instruction.

II recently retired from Washburn University as the Asstant Director of Information Technology Services where I was responsible for data center operations, campus wide networking and applications management. This included supervising a diverse group of systems and applications administrators while making daily decisions on direction and priorities.